Monday, March 24, 2008

Seorang Atheis Ingin Melihat Tuhan

Dia berkata, "wahai tuan guru, saya tidak mempercayai Tuhan kerana tidak dapat melihatnya. Kalau saya boleh lihat barulah saya percaya."

Ulama itu bertanya, "Inginkah kamu melihat Tuhan?"

Atheis itu bersetuju.

Ulama itu bersama beberapa anak muridnya dengan atheis itu pun pergi ke sebuah sungai.

Ulama itu mengarahkan agar anak murid nya mengikat atheis itu lalu di campak ke dalam sungai itu.

Atheis itu mula tenggelam timbul"tolong! Tolong!" laung atheis itu.

Ulama dan anak-anak muridnya hanya tersenyum."tolong!tolong!" laung atheis itu.

Dia tak dapat buat apa-apa. Ulama dan anak-anak muridnya hanya memerhatikan.

Dalam saat kecemasan itu, dengan tidak disangka-sangka keluarlah dari mulut atheis itu" Ya Tuhan, selamatkan aku"

Ulama tadi mengarahkan anak-anak muridnya pergi menyelamatkan lelaki itu.

Bila ikatan di buka. Ulama itu bertanya, "sudahkah kamu melihat Tuhan"

"Ya" kata lelaki itu.

wanita = cantik

No terluah ....

Assalammualaikum ... first, thank son sgt2 to want to read blog yg ni .. btul old dh not write a blog sy .. okayla .. nak ni time I state something unheard during luahkan ni sy .. hope so-ni nnt sy dpt write for us sama2 thinking and looking for a way to finish ...

Sy sure crowded in among us (yg women) want to dress modestly and beautiful .. so am I ... who never-Mahu look beautiful is not it? ... look ayu, politely reply with the true Muslim style .. but we are there to follow one's betul2 dlm taught surah an-nur? Anchoring the hood up to my chest .. revealing one's supposed to be bleak and the palm faces shj .. O Allah, begging sy dpt jd servant die ... but, sedarkah kawan2 Wordpress we have real obstacles drpd enacting pengusaha2 fabric cloth hood dr yg lime material, if the kid for-four, too expensive price .... There is not one word reply cloth reply tdung juice, may use the base in dlmnya .. but there nnt wrote to say, org yg labuh @ thick hooded smelled a bit less fun .. no one faham .. sbb sy sy said sebegini've heard about in college, there was a girl making her paper ttg extension ... he also has made statements saying this reply .. "I think the one who wear" labuh hoods "most of them are smelly" ... YaAllah ... . Dr pejuang2 save maligned Islam ... they all wear hoods reply was brought labuh reply mesej useful to us ... we told them jgnlah .. if they have shortcomings though, no one for us at this rebuke berhikmah reply .. not with a speculation ..

Sy expect entrepreneurs or pengilang hood itself make a few changes for their products .. may thicken slightly with a cloth hood material .. not one for manik2 or diamonds placed near the hood .. sukakan women's kecantikkan org .. while Islam itself is a beautiful religion .. and perhaps more beautiful if the hood on the market right now ni dr-four material and not infrequently with the Muslim .. covetous more confident wearing a hood and showed no selesa kerana slasher they are putting out inappropriate ..

Sy had heard a lecture by an Ustaz in UIAM, he said if we want to know that we have closed samada genitalia with sepnuhnya or not, cuba solat our clothes with it .. may we solat with state-of-the hood? Selesakah us? Can we solat with wearing short sleeves but pjg? Sure we mengadapNya with clothes for that? ... That's a bit as much as setakat partnership boileh ni sy mudah2an one day .. nnt sy dpt org changed and changed around ...

Wassalam ..

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