Monday, June 30, 2008

Practical Training's Over!!

Finally my practical training's over... yep, its been about 3 month i've done my practical training in Wamin Management Services.. i had such a memorable experience while doing practical training in Wamin. I've done quite a number of financial statement(Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Tax Computation) and i've been through some challenges while doing the accounts.. feel like a real accountant!. well, if u think the work of an accountant is only counting figures, then u're absolutely wrong! we, the accountants need to be really creative and fast in doing our work.besides i've also done few audit and secretarial work like preparing the AGM,minutes and so on.. oho.. its really challenging to cope with the new environment and task for only about 3 month!.. yet, it is worth to get new experience!

Credits to Wamin Management Team..


  1. tq sb awak dah tolong buatkan cukai untuk akak dan abang din..

    Sebenarnya pengalaman itu sangat manis apabila kita selesai menjalaninya..

  2. same-same...
    tahun depan buleh tolong lagi..


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