Beyond me

How struggle I am everyday...mentally.. physically and emotionally tired and stress... I tried to smile.. deep down I am so fragile... I tried to talk to friends bout my difficulty. . End up I laugh laugh and laugh... I just cant express my feelings .. I just cant let people see my tears... all I can do is keep moving.. keep standing.. and keep smiling. .. for Allah knows Best for me... make me strong. .. make me strong. ..make me strong


  1. i know how does you feel sis cause i know it's like struggling, stress and smiling... even till now... take care and be strong...

  2. keep on fighting with ur own weakness, insyaallah U will win over it kak..Insyaallah, keep pray, keep moving, keep positives all the day and night.

  3. Bismillah.. Bestrong Akak! Sy kagum dgn semangat dan kekuatan yg ada pd kak.. Teruskan pejuangan Akak dgn penulisan Akak. Bnyk mendidik jiwa2 yg lemah seperti sy.. Sy ingin kuat spt Akak.. Moga Allah beri kekuatan,kesabaran pd kak, sy dan umat Islam. Amin. .



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