setelah 1 setengah tahun di matrik uia,
4 tahun di uia gombak,
finally.. i'm DONE! yeay.. officially graduated from International Islamic University Malaysia.
THANK YOU ALLAH... i just can't stop smiling when i knew my final result.. well, not so pandai or excellent.. but Alhamdulillah, i managed to get 2upper class for Accounting student.. yeay!!! itu dah cukup memadai bagiku.. dan paling happy the killer subject for Accounting student in IIUM which is 'Seminar in Cost and Management Accounting', i got B-!! yeay! even it is B-, kira dah ok sgt sgt sgt sgt dah.. i takut i fail jek subject tu.. skali lagi syukur Ya Allah, saya lulus!~!!!!!

lalalalala.. it makes me wanna lalalalala....~


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