Embun bedtime story

Author: Adeeba Jafri
Pulisher: Goodword Books (2004)

Once there was a young Muslim girl named Alia. Alia lived with her mother, father and little brother Asad. Alia's mother and father were very good Muslims. They said their prayers, helped their family and neighbours and fasted during the month of Ramadhan.

One day, Alia and Asad went to the park with their mother. At the park, Alia made a new friend. Her name was Julia. Alia and Julia played together and became good friends.

When it was time to go, Julia waved goodbye to Alia and ran to her mother. Julia's mother was not wearing a hijab! Alia knew that her mother wore a hijab to cover her hair, but she didn't understand why Julia's mother wasn't wearing one.

When she got home from the park, Alia told her mother about her new friend Julia.
"Mama, Julia's mother does not wear a hijab. Mama, why do you wear a hijab!"
"I wear a hijab because i'm a Muslim. That is my duty", her mother replied.

Alia thought about this for a little while.But then.. "Mama, why do Muslim women wear a hijab?"
Alia's mother smile and said, "I will show you something that will help you understand why i wear a hijab."

Alia's mother took the children to a garden. In the garden, they saw a beautiful rose bush. The flowers in the garden looked so beautiful that Asad reached out his hand to pick one. "Ouch!" he said, and he quickly pulled his hand back. "Mama!" Asad said, rubbing his fingers,"thorns!"

"Mama, why are the stems covered with thorns?" Alia asked.

Her mother said, "The thorns protect the flowers from harm. Every rose has thorns on its stem."

Alia thought about what her mother was saying. The she looked at her mother who was wearing her hijab. Alia's mother smiled and said, " Yes, Alia, the Muslim women must wear a hijab because it is a commandment from Allah swt. HE gave this commandment to women to protect them from harm. Just as the thorns protect the rose in the garden. the hijab is one of the ways that Allah swt protects beings in this world who are beautiful."

Alia gave her mother a hug. "Mama, i'm glad that you wear a hijab."
"why Alia?" asked her mother.
"When you wear a hijab, I know that Allah swt is taking care of you and tha's good because you are beautiful to me."



  1. Masya Allah. Saya nampak buku ni dekat kedai hari tu, tapi edisi lain sikit. Goodword books mmg publish buku yang bagus2...semoga anak2 kita suka mendekati dan memahami Islam hendaknya. Go go Mawar Nafastari..anda boleh!


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